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Agritembea is a pioneer agritourism startup that operates an online platform connecting farmers with individuals interested in learning about various aspects of farming. The platform facilitates farm visits, workshops, and educational experiences, benefiting both host farmers and aspiring farmers.

The name “Agritembea” is a combination of two words: “agri,” representing agriculture, and “tembea,” a Swahili term meaning “to visit” or “to tour.” This name reflects the core concept of the platform, which is to provide opportunities for people to visit and learn from farms.

Agritembea’s key features include:

  • An intuitive online platform connecting farmers and visitors.
  • Diverse farm experiences like guided tours, workshops, and student visits.
  • Reviews and ratings for informed decision-making.
  • A revenue-sharing model where farmers are paid 65% of fees paid by farm visitors.

Agritembea offers a range of farm experiences, including guided tours, workshops on specific agricultural practices, and visits for students. These experiences cater to the diverse interests and learning needs of visitors.

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